Are We There Yet?

Hey Kindle-ites!

Just wanted to let all of you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. I did indeed plan on having the review for “Do The Math” up for y’all today, but unfortunately car+reading=no bueno (aka serious amounts of childlike carsickness.) So as an ill effect to me being stuck inside a slow moving vehicle with 2 small children, and “Aliens in the Attic” stuck on loop in the backseat, I’ve got nothing for you. I will however have it up and ready for you on Wednesday. Until then do some shopping in my “Book Rants” you never know what type of goodies you missed the first go round.

Happy Reading my Fellow Travelers and remember: Spring Break is only 1 week… Then you can ship the little demons (I mean angels) back to some other sucker.

Misty 🙂

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Your friendly neighborhood narcissist. I'm sarcastic, cynical and a bit cranky. I own a soap box so big that sometimes I have difficulty stepping down off of it, and I'm about 94% certain I have multiple personalities. I don't sleep enough, and I read more than any person should ever consider normal. I have anger management issues, especially when I'm stuck in traffic and I have an unhealthy obsession with my Kindle. I am a vampire lovin', zombie obsessed, book-in-hand, iPod freak. You either love me or hate me. You be the judge.