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Afternoon Everyone!!!

I didn’t want to bore you to tears 2 days in a row with a review, so instead I am playing a friendly game of “pimp my fellow bloggers site.”

Now… before you scold me for being lazy I want you to hear me out. I know there are more than a few of us out there that spend way to much time perusing the Amazon isles for something good to read, and when I’m not shoving my own opinions down your throat, you do shameful things like look at other blogs. (tsk tsk) So… that being said, I figured I would kill two mockingbirds (<--- yeah..I went there) with one stone, and plop the obvious answer right down on your awaiting plates. has (as of this moment) a whopping 390 list of handpicked book recommendations on hundreds of topics!

Looking for a great beach read? Why don’t you check out one of these:

What if you are looking for that one special someone that changed the face of literature…Got that too, try checking out

In other words… if you have a quest… he’s got the answer. Trust me, it’s worth the peak!

Happy shopping my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: Life’s too short to do your own research… or read crappy books!

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