Spring Cleaning!

So…even though I am “kindle obsessed” I get tons of books sent to me from publishing houses.  You might think, “Yay!!! Free books!” which, if I’m being honest is usually the case. Unfortunately, with tons of books comes, well…tons of books, and now I’m out of room. I’m talking floor-to-ceiling-they-are-going-to-bury-my-alive-at-any-moment-out-of-room! Hence…this post. That right ladies and gents, I’m cleaning out my shelves (much to my dismay and my husbands delight.) Now, before you get all giddy and think I’m handing out copies of books that aren’t out yet, I’m not.  This is “Spring Cleaning!” (Think Aunt Verna’s attic.) And, since I’m finding it extremely difficult to get rid of books I’m starting with chick lit first. (We all know how I feel about chick lit.) Anyways… here is what is up for grabs, and the RaffleCopter link to enter. Good Luck!

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