The Anatomy of a Stubborn Girl

flu-bedPeople call me stubborn, and while on most days I would counter their response with “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”  today my unfortunate inability to stop has made a full circle, and has come back to bite me in my own ass, rightfully so.

I have been sick. Coughing, Sniffling, Sneezing, Aching, Fever type sick, and no amount of Nyquill or OJ has been able to squash it.  I feel as though my body has been run through a cheese grater and I have turned on (unbeknownst to me) some mysterious faucet that’s attached to my nose, and… have apparently forgotten how to turn off.

All that being said…one must remember that I am a mommy. Mommies are not supposed to get sick, I am not supposed to get sick, but when I do…the fact remains…that I am still the mommy. It’s not like I can just cut out for three days and check back in when I’m finally feeling peachy.

What does this mean exactly? Well, in no uncertain terms, I have tortured my body.

I have been sick since Saturday and I have yet to miss a single day of work.  Good job right? No…Instead of bowing out…instead of taking control of my control issues (ha) I have stubbornly insisted that I continue  my normal daily activities, now triggering a catastrophic event with my body including, but  not limited to non-stop sneezing and watering eyes.

I look like I have been hit by a Mac truck.

So, my lesson has been learned… I have finally, today, hung up my bag and called in to work.

But.. as I sit here, proud of myself for conquering my little quirk of OCD I ask myself… Why the hell am I still up at 7am typing a blog instead of medicine-heading it out in bed?

Hum…  I guess maybe I didn’t learn my lesson after all.

AAAACHOOOOOOOO! (uh…. I hate my body.)

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