Welcome to the Dark Side

trueblood cmclSunday…the day that normal society is dreading; due to its unfortunate proximity to Monday; is the day I crave the most. Day of rest it is not – I assure you, (I spend the majority of it doing a Mount Saint Helen sized mound of laundry) However today is the day where David (my husband) and I finally see eye to eye.  He stops thinking I’m a complete loser and starts relishing in the things that I LOVE! I know, its almost unheard of a wife and a husband agreeing…So…what is this mysterious thing that has brought us together? Why… It’s Tru Blood of course.  While we watch it for different reasons (He likes to stare at the ever clueless Sookie, I like to stare at Eric) the fact remains that we both, very impatiently, wonder around the house waiting out our excruciatingly long Sunday in some sort of  funk until 8:00; when we finally see our beacon of hope. (aka the DVR Light) It is not often that I agree with turning any sort of book into a show, the authors original character intent is usually so butchered that it leaves me dumbfounded or even sometimes a little ticked off. But Tru Blood? No… I have never had that response, that gut feeling; maybe it’s because I’m too wrapped up in their crazy  portrayal of the Fellowship of the Sun, or maybe it’s because I just can’t wait to see how they will make Bill the bad guy, or maybe it’s because I really want to see if they will throw Alcide into the mix.  The fact remains that when the opening credits start, I am sucked in.  There is absolutely  0 chance, or expectation of me doing anything other than parking my ass on the couch and reveling in the obligatory blood exchange.  So what does this mean for the rest of you? Well, duh… surprise I’m as much of a sucker as the rest of you.  Now shut up and give me the remote!

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Your friendly neighborhood narcissist. I'm sarcastic, cynical and a bit cranky. I own a soap box so big that sometimes I have difficulty stepping down off of it, and I'm about 94% certain I have multiple personalities. I don't sleep enough, and I read more than any person should ever consider normal. I have anger management issues, especially when I'm stuck in traffic and I have an unhealthy obsession with my Kindle. I am a vampire lovin', zombie obsessed, book-in-hand, iPod freak. You either love me or hate me. You be the judge.