To Infinity and Beyond!

I’ve never really been a big fan of science fiction novels, which is (admittedly) pretty odd if you consider the source, and while I would like to tell you that “The Judge” whipped me into a science fiction frenzy, I unfortunately am still not that big of a fan.

Now, keeping the above statement in mind, it was difficult for me to muster the enthusiasm to read this book, I tried… (I promise) for 4 days to force myself to start the reviewing process, but I just kept making lame excuses (I need to wax my legs, I need to clean the gutters, I need to save small woodland creatures from human interruption) but alas I finally dove in head first, and once I hit the next button on my Kindle and realized I was on the last page, I was struck with the realization that I had been putting of something that was actually pretty interesting.

Darek Wayker is 15 and down on his luck, he is probably the worst delivery boy on the planet and to add insult to injury he has just been arrested for crimes he knows nothing about. Under the assumption that he is an assassin Darek is sentenced to death, but before the Federation can follow out their plans to extinguish his flame, his friends show up to spring him loose and save the day.  It’s just to bad that instead of teleporting him to a nice little day spa in Boca he gets dropped into the middle of the desert…. a desert that is filled with monsters, spirits, and a whole pack of wolf-people.  Is it possible for 1 boy to start a revolution and change the world? Or will he just screw this up like he’s done with everything else?

The first couple of chapters were jumpy and chaotic, (to much info in too few pages) and on several occasions I found myself re-reading pages just to make sure I was following the plot properly, but once Darek landed on “Planet Hell” things finally started to make sense, the plot smoothed out and the multitude of characters finally found their place. Character development was a little sloppy and once sided, but there was so much action it actually overshadowed the lack of detail.  The most important detail I can share however,  is that this novel was written at an unflinchingly fast pace,  to keep up you must be focused. (Sit and read it in a quiet place…not a busy Starbucks)

This is (supposedly) only book 1 in a series called “The Coranite Chronicles” by Egan Yip, and (to be honest) unless he sends me the follow-up I’m not so sure I’ll even be aware or care when book #2 finally comes out, BUT for those of you out there that LOVE this genre, I think you will be more than please with “The Judge.” Like it’s blurb states, “It is jam packed with action, suspense, comedy and mystery”

Grab it up my Comic-Con buddies… this one was made just for you.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: When a girl ask to borrow your dagger, suck it up and hand it over… it’s just rude to make her de-bone a monster with her bare hands.


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  1. Thank you for the review. I really appreciate it. Can’t really find many people willing to review self-published books, and I can see that it was quite a struggle for you to get in the mood to read it, so thanks again!

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