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What Inspires You?

Guest Post By Ellie Ann

One question I inevitably get asked as a writer is, “Where does your inspiration come from?” I usually answer, “By shaking pixie dust over my head as I do the Macarana in the light of a crescent moon.” But for you, I’ll answer honestly.

I don’t know.

But the one thing I do know is that it’s inspiring to do art. All kinds of art. If I just swim in my novel writing pool I’ll get stagnant and tired–it’s when I branch out into other forms of art–when I do art badly and boldly in different fields, I get inspired. Then I can pull that excitement with me into my novel writing.

Last year I had just finished writing three novels, and I was beat. I felt like I’d just ran a marathon and I didn’t have any energy to take another step. That’s when I was asked to write a comic. What? I’d never written a comic before, but I figured it was just like writing a novel except all the prose was taken out. Awesome! I took the job.

Turns out writing comic scripts is a lot different than novel writing. Yeah, I had to eat a big dose of humble pie the first few drafts I turned in. The first script I got from my editor was returned to me with half of it cut. Eesh! It challenged me in completely new way, because I had to collaborate with an artist, producer, editors, co-writers, and because everything had to be shown, not told.

It was an amazing experience and helped take my novel writing to the next level. Now I’m able to show, not tell, a lot better than I did before. Branching out into different art forms helped my work, and it’s sure to help yours.

So if you ever feel sick and tired of writing, or need some extra gusto–then paint a picture or do macaroni art; write a comic or prune a bonsai tree; sew a quilt block or whittle a whistle; branch out into different art forms and you’ll definitely be inspired by it.

What other art forms do you practice?



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I was born in the jungles of Thailand, was raised in a small farming village in Iowa, lived in the middle of a Texan desert, and now abide in the Ozarks. I get nerd points for being home schooled. I get nerd points revoked for being a basketball jock in high school. I get nerd points again for dressing as Aragorn for LOTR midnight showings. I’m trying to become a world-renowned geek.

I’m a creative editor for Stonehouse Ink. I’m a producer of enhanced digital books for Noble Beast Books. And I write comics for Motionworks Entertainment.

I like writing fairy tales, science fiction, thrillers, and am seriously interested in transmedia storytelling. I like reading and watching well-written adventures. Especially if they’re hilarious.

I’m specially qualified for the zombie apocalypse in that I know how to load and shoot guns, and I’m a long-distance runner. I’m specially qualified for the energy-crisis apocalypse in that I can ride a horse. I’m specially qualified for the dinoapocalypse or monster apocalypse in that I’m a certified nurse. And I’m specially qualified for the nuclear apocalypse in that I’m not afraid of death or growing a third eye.

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