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So about 2 months ago my good (author) friend Scott Nicholson approached me about being his agent for the month of September. Cool right? Yeah, I thought so too, but then…as the month of August went on my life took a sudden turn and as a result, KO was in shambles for a few weeks. (*hangs head in shame*) Anyways… about 3 days ago (at roughly 4 in the morning) I thought about Scott. (Hmm…that sounds a little bad…) I suddenly realized that I was the worst agent on the planet (because truthfully I hadn’t done shit to promote his work) and I knew that I had to make amends.  So, since I basically dropped the ball (and kicked into orbit) I am making a last ditch effort to drum up some, much deserved, hype for my compadre.

So what does this have to do with you? Well…you can help me. (picture me getting on my knees right now) The book I chose to promote is “Liquid Fear.” Yes…I know…I have already reviewed this, but let’s face it, this book was wicked good.  What I need you to do is Tweet, Facebook and talk the hell out of this book for the next few days. (Be shameless…I promise, it will be ok.) You can start by sharing this post. See the really nifty buttons at the top?? They aren’t just there to look pretty, they are functional too! (*Gasp!*) Just “click” and TADA… I have made life easy for you.

Now…since this was totally my fault, and I basically suck, I’m not going to ask y’all to do all of this hard work for free. Nope, I am a generous person (sometimes) so I’ve decided to give out 3 $10 Amazon gift cards to whoever helps me the most. (*cue confetti*)

Just leave me a comment below (or shoot me an email telling me what exactly you did to help promote “Liquid Fear” and I’ll put your name in the hat. The more you do, the more times your name is shoved in there. Got it? Great! Now let’s get to work. (Before Scott reenacts one of his books and my husband wakes up tomorrow morning to find my body cold and slightly bloody on the bathroom floor.)


*PS – Click Scott’s über sexy picture up there to find out more about why I am doing this, and maybe grab you some goodies along the way!*


What’s Your Liquid Fear?

By Scott Nicholson


A man ought to be able to control his monkeys.

Martin Kleingarten accepts that as a core moral principle. But Martin is a man whose principles can be bought and sold. As a hired goon, he’s only too happy to help Dr. Sebastian Briggs and his mysterious backers carry out their research, even if it means a few corpses here and there.

But Martin also sees an opportunity to further his own career. A former security guard turned small-time thug, he has a chance for a final payoff and retirement if he can play his cards right. And as Martin sees the drug’s effect on the research subjects, he’s entertained but also appalled.

When fear becomes a weapon, then force is useless, and bullets carry no power. In the remote research facility, with crazed test subjects running wild, Kleingarten must decide which side he’s on.

It’s a decision made even tougher when all sides are wrong.

Liquid Fear. Just a drop will do.


It is no secret that I have concerns for the mental stability of Mr. Nicholson, but today… my fears have taken a drastically different turn. While under normal circumstances I would be concerned by the number of bodies found in barns, or cult leaders that make David Koresh look like a saint, today I find myself more concerned that Scott may actually be plotting world domination from his hideout in the mountains. I was NOT expecting what I got with “Liquid Fear.” I can usually distance myself from books like these because the chances of something like it  happening in “real life” are few and far between, but with this little piece of literary mastery, the BEAUTY and FEAR come from the fact that it actually COULD happen.

I do have 1 very important suggestion when reading “Liquid Fear” (which I usually wouldn’t give, but the nature in which I read the novel forces me to point it out.) Take your time.  I read this book in 2 days… a full out sprint (if you will) in order to have my opinions ready for y’all today.  Do Not Do That!  The story line in this novel is a complicated one AND is jamb packed with characters.  If you want to keep it all straight (and not have to keep flipping back and forth like I did) then take your time and properly soak it in one page at a time.

Overall, (with the exception of the occasional WTH!?) I found “Liquid Fear” packs a punch that leaves a mark.  As a matter of fact, this may just be my favorite Nicholson novel to date (and that is saying a lot considering I never thought I’d get past “The Red Church.“)  If you love a good psychological thriller, don’t delay in picking this one up.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: Everyone has bad days, it’s just that most don’t include dead hookers in motel bathrooms.

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  1. I tweeted for him several times (not as much as I meant to because well, real life rose up and but me repeatedly that month) – maybe about five times I think? Keith is always very nice and mentions you back on twitter 🙂 I need to move this one up on my tbr list!

  2. I tweeted, +1ed it, and FB posted it. I recently read Scott’s Speed Dating With the Dead and loved it. His books are frighteningly entertaining and perfect for the upcoming Halloween holiday!

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