Butterflies Need Love Too!

FAERIE WARSFaeries and Demons and Kittens… Oh My!!

My husband is NOT a reader, so it amuses me on those rare occasions when he calls me during the day insisting that I look up a book.  More importantly? To date, he has yet to let me down.

His latest find was “Faerie Wars” which again… (congrats to him) is a winner, and a very promising start to the “Faerie War Chronicles.”  It has solid character development, a fluid plot, and several twists, sure to keep even skeptical readers engrossed and seeking the final “answer.”

The book was well written, and (sucessfully) from several variaying perspectives, each eventually emerging into one main plot line.

First you have Henry…average boy, average life, mundane existence…that is of course until he tries to rescue a butterfly from a cats mouth.  Turns out the butterfly was less insect and more little boy with wings who… has a thing for potato chips.

Second you have Pyrgus…the “Not quiet a butterfly” who SURPRISE! is actually the crown prince of the Faerie realm. He should practically be a member of PETA, and tends to jump before looking over the edge, but that of course is what makes a story good.

There are the evil cat killers…Brimstone and Chalkhill, There’s Blue…Pyrgus’s hot younger sister whole is a better spy than the royal guard, there’s Fogerty, the crotchety ex-bank robber who think aliens are taking over the world, and last but certainly not least…there is the Purple Emperor himself, who well…has a very unfortunate moment with an “Analog World” weapon.

“Faerie Wars” is a plethora of the unexpected.  There is a pissed off demon with a whistle in his head, a  lesbian mommy, a Princess who should learn to close the door, flamboyant leaders of a glue empire, and 1 very clumsy assassination plot.

It was…Narnia meets Harry Potter meets Lord of The Rings, and I LIKED it.

“Herbie Brennan” set us up for a world of endless possibilities and to be perfectly honest…I can’t wait.

Happy reading my fellow Analogers and remember…if you insist on having a journal cataloging all of your evil plans…give everyone fake names.

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