Fingers Are Overrated

There aren’t many things that make my stomach turn… lets face it…I’m a zombie junkie, my favorite movie is “28 Days Later”, and I laugh at the gore that makes most grown men squirm like 5 year old girls, but there is (naturally) one thing that I just can’t handle.

What is this 1 thing you ask? What has toppled the Princess of Puke? Sure… I’ll tell you, it’s rough sex, and “Dangerous Games” was full of it.

Normally I can look past the misguided intentions of an author’s warped mind but this time I just couldn’t ignore my inner voice. (It was loud… very loud…as in take-no-prisoners-shut-the-stupid-book-you-dope loud.) I wanted nothing more than to clip large unnecessary sections from this book and feed them (forcefully) to the editor that green checked them through.

Riley, in all her Dhampir, Directorate Guardian glory is at it again. Her nemesis, whom escaped in the finale of the previous book is on the hunt, and she is his target. While trudging on with her everyday duties of “bad-man” hunting, she finds herself trapped in a weird torture circle. Quinn is of course there, being as pouty as ever (due to Riley’s inability to never follow directions) and as a result does the vampire hoodoo-voodoo on her and uses compulsion to force her skinny butt home. (Not such a good idea if you catch my drift) Lie after lie puts Riley in the most dangerous situation she has ever found herself…facing down a 3 headed dragon, the father of all evil, and ultimately making her question EVERYTHING about her current life path.

Fighting ensues and blood is spilled…but the most interesting development in the entire book came when everything was tied up, (little red ribbon style) This particular plot line WILL NOT be strung out into book 5 (not that I’m complaining) and in the end Riley has finally cut the cord to several of her misguided flirtations.

Could this be the end of the Riley we have all grown to (reluctantly) adore? Where will this new found need to settle down leave our smart ass, vampire killing heroine? I am baffled yet intrigued. Which I guess for the author…is the whole point.

There were cute new shifter detectives, a sorceress sister, body entrapment, a new PA who is lovingly referred to as the Caramel Cow, an underground fight scene that had my brain short circuiting, several beheadings, and 1 very pissed of twin brother.

All in all I guess it was ok… if you take out the stocks and whips the OVERALL plot was actually intriguing and the “girly” lines were well written. I guess “Keri Arthur” can’t win them all…or at least not for me.

Happy reading my fellow Dhampirs and remember: you didn’t really need that finger… it was just there for decoration.

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