Hey… What’s That In Your Hand?

Well… let me start by saying, “Hi! I’m back.”  I’m sorry y’all have been fending for yourselves in the “to read or not to read” department for the last week and a half, but good news… I am finally well enough to focus, which… by default means that the book which I have been trying to read for a week has finally come to an end. (Whew.. that was a tough one)

Now, on a different note: last Friday I uploaded a YouTube episode about horror cliches that actually work in books, and be damned if I wasn’t right. “Hudson House” incorporated 4 of the 5 cliches I listed, and guess what, this book was killer. (<– sorry I had to, puns are fun)

Ed, Tommy and Eric are typical 13 year old boys… they don’t listen to their parents, they call each other hurtful names just for the hell of it, and a good game of “guilt or dare” is always welcome. But when the three friends decide to enter a well known haunted house in their neighborhood; everything suddenly changes.  Loved ones turn up dead, people suddenly avoid eye contact, and there seems to be a boat load of evil around every corner, but all of this pales in comparison to what is really going on.  Does Hudson House really hold the key to a powerful future if it’s evil can be harnessed? Who is the lady in white that keeps popping up, and will all 3 boys make it out alive or will the house claim them one by one?

I’m not gonna lie… I was like a little kid in a candy store when I first started reading this book.  There is nothing better than a book that surprises you (a kid who carries around skull fragments) or just generally creeps you out (a pillowcase full of knives.) The adrenaline that comes with reading a horror novel is undeniable, and if your imagination is a wild as mine tends to be, the whole book is playing out in your head like some really warped version “Monster House.” The most interesting thing however, the thing that had my brain buzzing like bees on crack, was Warren’s writing techniques.  It is important (in all books) that characters grow, that’s what keeps the story flowing, but this “growth” is usually limited to emotional or intellectual. Warren, on the other hand, started his story when his characters were pre-pubesent versions of themselves, and then continued to build his plot as they grew older and developed defined personalities.  I (for one) see this as a brilliant technique in development, and helps the reader to experience the action on several different levels (child fear to teenage determination.) Now, does this mean you get so wrapped up in the players that you miss the game? Never. As artfully crafted as his characters are, his plot was even more spectacular, painting vivid pictures around every corner, and even writing “smells” into his already frightening plot. (Thanks by the way… I’m never gonna be able to eat candy apples again.)

So what’s the vote? Well… that’s obvious. It’s horror all around, and just in time for Halloween.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: When a librarian kicks you out of the library for doing research, beware… there’s obviously something fishy going on.

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P.S. If you want to read the first 150 pages for free be sure to stop by J.T. website where it’s up for grabs.

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4 thoughts on “Hey… What’s That In Your Hand?

  1. Great review. I’m glad you’re back. This sounds like one I would like. Currently, I’m reading The Red Church by Scott Nicholson. So far, so good.


    1. Warren reminds me a lot of Scott’s writing, so if you like The Red Church chances are you’ll like this.

      P.s. I felt like I needed to repent after The Red Church. Cults creep me out 🙁

      Thanks for the welcome back. I’ve missed everyone

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