I Think I Should Invest In Klennex!

ShadowKissHoly Crow….that sucked!

Ok…I don’t actually mean it sucked in that “I should have never picked up this book cause it was so bad” way, more like the “this book was so good it made me cry, which totally sucked” way!

I haven’t been this happy or upset by a book since “New Moon” and yes, I know that I said I hate comparing books but in all honestly this is the only other book that has made me want to chunk it at the wall.  There is such a large twist in the last 10% of this book it will take a hold of even the most stable of emotions in you and twist them into a huge ‘ole knot.

The battle scenes were enthralling! It was like the battle for mankind, well, vampirekind I guess, and the characters were so well written that just for a moment I thought maybe a new author had taken over this series.

Mead brought a whole new element into this book: Ghost! Yes… you heard me. Ghost, like floating, see through, I thought you died in the last book GHOST! They weren’t overdone, which was refreshing, they popped up at very inopportune moments like ghost usually do, and in the end they delivered the finally blow that left my mouth hanging open in awe.

This book had the Dimitri scenes we have all been waiting for, there was an evil secret society, a delusional queen, several moment of mental instability and bout of jealous rage that has been building for a while now.

In short: I LOVED “Shadow Kiss” it made me happy, it made me sad, it made me want to invest in a shack in the middle of the woods.

Happy reading my new psychic network and don’t forget: Just when you think things can’t get worse, well…they always do.

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