Gayle_Forman_If_I_Stay“If I Stay” poses one of life’s most difficult question. It’s one of human character and self preservation.

Do you…Choose to live? (even though your entire family has been killed in a horrific automobile accident) Or do you choose to die? (and descend in to whatever form of afterlife you believe in)

No one will ever really know if there is a “suspended state” in which we have this choice, but “Gayle Foreman” jumps in feet first, dabbling in the emotional state of uncertainty.

Mia is an accomplished cellist, quickly on her way to a bright future and a stint at Julliard, but all of that is put on hold when, what was supposed to be a fun family trip, turns into the most catastrophic event a human could ever experience.  While the others she loved may have moved on, Mia gets stuck and is forced to live from the outside looking in.

She is on the brink of death, but her “soul” (if you will), is stuck in the in-between, forcing her to make the decision to live… or die along with her Mother, Father and 8 year old little brother Teddy.

She stands hopelessly to the side watching as her grandparents struggle with acceptance, she gets to hear the whispered pleas of her best friend urging her to “please come back.” and she gets to witnesses the inevitable emotional breakdown from the boy she loves.

The story is beautifully written. It is told in present day as well as flashbacks; to establish the significance of the people that are patiently waiting for her to “choose”

There is no point in denying that I cried, (not full blown waterworks type crying), but there was one very grueling moment when her grandfather loses control in the ICU, that had me sniffling and watery.

This book does indeed come with a deeper meaning included, a moral that should be considered incredible advice, Cherish the ones that you love, hold them dear and not take advantage of their existence, because you never know when that predicted existence may be quickly taken from you.

This is not an overly joyous book, (I’m certain you probably already gathered that,) but it is an enjoyable one.

There’s an awkward birthing scene, a punk rock turned “Leave it to Beaver” father, a best friend that scolds her mother for excessive crying, one very VERY beautiful scene that makes me wish I was a musical instrument, and an astonishingly abrupt ending.

Spend the money and have a “good” moment… it might make you think about things you have otherwise avoided.

Happy Friday my hidden angels and remember, “Sometimes you make choices in life, and sometimes choices make you.”

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