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Hello my fellow Kindle-ites…  I’m sorry I haven’t  posted a review recently, but I have been caught up in an unexpected medical whirlwind.  That being said… I did in fact finally finish the book I was reading and will have a review ready for you tomorrow.  Until then… Happy Tuesday, here’s one for the Tiny Tots in your life.

Smelly Locker – Silly Dilly School Songs

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From School Library Journal

Grade 1–5—The “Silly Dilly” duo is back again with an irreverent, entertaining commentary in song about school life. From an ode to the odiferous contents of a smelly locker (sung to “Frère Jacques”), to a selection bemoaning the complexity of math, 14 ditties set to well-known tunes capture the absurd, laughable commonalities of the school experience from a student’s point of view. Other subjects include the “Lost and Found,” a post-recess visit to the nurse, the horrors of cafeteria lunches, class-picture day, test stress, and “I Don’t Want to Do Homework!” (to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”). With exaggerated features and hilarious body language, Catrow’s expressive cartoon characters capture the bizarre and ridiculous elements of the text. Imaginative, witty details fill the illustrations: portraits of “ABE” and “GEO W” (that’s George Washington) hang on the wall; math problems instead of numbers indicate a clock’s time; random art and inexplicable phrases (“3Z–4 Shut the Door”) fill chalkboard computations; and anticipated vacation fun abounds at “Camp GonnaKetchaItcheeRash.” A few syllables may fit awkwardly with the tunes, but for fans of the other “silly dilly” songbooks or newcomers, this one is sure to please.—Mary Elam, Forman Elementary School, Plano, TX
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