Through The Looking Glass

Evening everyone!!!  Tomorrow I will have a review for you, but today I thought I would bring you a Tiny-Tot-Tuesday.

I found this book in a grocery store yesterday (on sale for $6.00 …woohoo!) and thought WOW, what a crazy interesting book.  You have the story, but it is laid out in such a unique way that it makes the book itself into a journey.  Every time you flip the page there are secret letters in these tiny little envelopes for you to pull out and read, maps to explore, hidden treasures to find.  It is not for the tiniest of your children, but if you have a little curious cat around you this one is a fun one to explore.

Princess Alyss of Wonderland

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Publisher Comments:

Feast your eyes on the collected memorabilia of the real Alyss! This lavishly illustrated scrapbook includes:

  • Alyss embattled correspondence with Lewis Carroll
  • Actual annotated manuscript pages from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, as well as the early reviews of the book
  • A flip book given to Alyss by John Tenniel, the original illustrator of Carroll’s whimsical tale
  • Journal entries and detailed drawings describing the indelible mark that Wonderland left on the young Alyss
  • Removable letters that the princess wrote to her loved ones back home
  • And a playable deck of cards created by Alyss to battle the imposter Alice.

This is a book for fans of fantasy and of the bestselling ology books, for Lewis Carroll scholars, and especially for young girls in search of a fresh, new, princess story.


Enter the exciting world of the real Alyss of Wonderland Behold the stunning proof that the fictitious little girl you have known as Alice was actually a very real little princess named Alyss. Assembled in this scrapbook are the collected letters, journals, and art of the princess who fled her world of wonder only to find herself alone in our world with nothing but her imagination to sustain her. Lavishly illustrated and fully interactive, this book will captivate and delight princess enthusiasts and fans of the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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