Kindle vs. Hardcover.. And The Winner Is…

Kindle’s Digital Sales Overtake Hardcover

The battle has been ragging for a while now, Kindle vs. Hardcover, but it was unclear until this morning who the winner would be. While Amazon boast a very vague “millions” of Kindle’s sold it was still unclear if the eBook would topple the well establish bound copies. Sure… Millions of people own a Kindle, but are they actually purchasing books or using it as a very fancy coaster? Well…the numbers are in! Since Amazon’s decision to drop the Kindle price from a whopping $259 to the more reasonable $189 they have been selling like hot cakes. What is “hot cakes” exactly? How about this…the sale of the Kindle hardware has TRIPLED! (Wowza!) In the last 3 months alone Amazon has sold 143 Kindle downloads to every 100 hardcovers, and that number does NOT include the number of FREE copies readers have been gobbling up! So…for those of you who are still on that “eBooks are just a phase” train, it’s time to grab your bags and get off at the next station. Remember: It’s still reading… it’s just reading in a brand new way!

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4 thoughts on “Kindle vs. Hardcover.. And The Winner Is…

  1. Great article. It makes me think about the route the publishing industry is taking now. There are tons of questions I have about all of this but I guess I’ll just have to wait to see how it plays out. I love my Kindle! And it seems a lot of other people are the same way.

  2. The Kindle works better for me than paper books. I mostly read on my lunch break and it’s easier to have my Kindle in its picture-frame style stand case and push one button than it is to prop a book up against my lunch box, hold it open with one hand, and turn pages with the other.

    But being able to push a button, buy a book, and have it appear a few seconds later is quite frankly dangerous! 😉

    1. I agree!!! On both counts. I love bound books… But the fact remains that the kindle is just more efficient. I read faster because I’m not constantly adjusting my position for the light or to turn the page, and having the ability to carry around several books or purchase a new one at the drop of a hat is priceless!

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