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Evening All!  I know that I promised to post a video review for this cover and I assure you that I will, but to cover all of my basis it is important that I actually WRITE a review as well.  So for those of you who want to wait to see my goofy face… you will have your moment… for the rest of you (aka my Amazon subscribers) here is the low down.

Edith from Speck contacted me about a week ago and asked if I would like to review their new DustJacket for the Kindle 2.  My first thought (of course) was “Hell Yeah!! Free loot” but after a few minutes (and a not so quiet moment of self lecturing) I decided I should actually take a look at what I was getting myself into.  I hopped on the their website, did a little research and then waited (not so patiently) for the cover in the mail.

Here is the 1st thing I noticed.


The cover I currently use (created by Amazon) is very thin and very sleek. Speck’s DustJacket is significantly bigger, but bigger does not necessarily mean bad.

The padding on the DustJacket leaves Amazon’s cover in the dust boasting not only thicker padding on the exterior of the cover but a micro fleece interior (to protect your screen from scratches.)

Now, I know what you are thinking…How exactly do I know that the padding is worth a dang? Well for starters I dropped it. (GASP!!!) yes… that’s right, I attached my Kindle, and commenced to purposely dropping it on the floor. End result? I pretty huge sigh of relief when I didn’t hear a crack and more importantly a scratch free Kindle!

Dropping my Kindle on the floor brought up another plus.


Yes, Amazon’s product securely attaches the Kindle to the case, but unfortunately the design (clasp) allows the Kindle to flop around.

Speck’s DustJacket has sort of a Kindle “cradle” that is permanently attached to the rear interior of the case allowing 0 movement, making it feel as though your Kindle is nice and snug.

The design of the cradle also allows easy access to all of your Kindle’s function buttons, as well as it’s charging port and speakers (which is important if you use the Text To Speech function – like me – in the car).

The only flaw I noticed is that the opening for the charge port should have been scooted up just a tad allowing more room for you to plug it in.  It works, but it is snug.


One feature the DustJacket has that my current cover lacks is a built in stand.  While most of you may think this feature insignificant, for some of you..this may actually be the clencher.  With one quick flip of your wrist your cover instantly turns into a book stand.

Here is just a few benefits to having this feature:

  • 1.  If you read while eating lunch, having your book propped up not only allows you to see the screen easier, but it can actually open up your eating area, and deplete your fear of food splatter on your screen.
  • 2.  If you download cookbooks, propping your Kindle up will open up your workspace and make it easier for you to read your recipe.

Wow!! I sound a little like a pig after those examples, but you get my point.

And last…


Speck’s DustJacket is priced at $34.95 and while some of you are gasping right now, I want you to stop and think about this for a second.

  • 1.  The case I currently have (that I would never willingly drop with my Kindle in it) is $39.99
  • 2.  You have 2 colors to choose from not just 1 (even though I love black)
  • 3.  You are getting more bang for your buck! (Case + Stand = happy camper)

Overall, I’m more than pleased, and trust me when I say… I’m keeping this case!  My Kindle was not cheap, and if I can spend an extra $40 bucks and not have to worry about it cracking when my 1 year old throws it across the room I’m game.

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