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For those of you that don’t know, the lovely and very talented Ms. LC Evans (Indie Author extraordinaire) lost her battle with cancer last month. I didn’t post anything at the time, I’m not sure why exactly, but believe me when I say I regret that. Anyways, yesterday a good friend of mine shot me an email and informed me of a fundraiser that is currently going on to help support her family in their time of loss, and I KNEW that I needed to post this. So here you go… they details and book info straight from the horses mouth.


—–From Zapstone Productions—–

For the entire month of February 2012, ALL PROFITS from sales of DISCOVERY in all formats will go to the family of LC Evans, a wonderful human being and fellow author who lost her battle with cancer on January 12. You can also support the Evans family by picking up L.C.’s last book: My Planet or Yours?, available for Kindle and Nook.


The Books!

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Nora Bryant is a single Earth woman out to ban men from her life after a recent breakup. Triskam is a strikingly handsome extraterrestrial, who crash lands near her remote Arizona home. Add to this mix, a couple of misguided thugs looking for a gold rush, an overly friendly, not-so-guard dog, and a communications device that thinks it’s a nanny, and you have My Planet or Yours?





Following a horrendous breakup with his two (and three) timing fiancee, Oregon naturalist Dr. Kent Xavier has sworn off women, all women. He heads out into the Deschutes wilderness to brood, alone, but his solitary trip turns into a midnight rescue mission for a damsel in distress.

Lured by the beauty of planet Earth, Povre disobeys strict orders to remain in camp in favor of a moonlight walk. A bad step on a slope of loose rocks lands her in the very predicament she’s supposed to avoid: contact with the dominant native lifeforms.

Forced together by mutual need, Kent and Povre soon find themselves on the run from alien-hunting government agents. Along the way these two scientists from very different worlds discover the most important element of all – love.

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  1. I bought Discovery, I had already purchased all of L.C.’s books, last month to support her family.

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