The Comings & Goings!


Afternoon Kindle-ites!!!

Well…the time has come.  While I hate leaving y’all, the state of my brain (and it’s ability to properly function) insists that I go on hiatus. Now, before you get too caught up in the throws of a (though endearing) slightly melodramatic panic, let me assure you that it is not a long one.  As a matter of fact I think calling it a “hiatus” is a little misleading, it’s more of a “mini-break.” (I’ll be out only for the month of June) *sigh*
Anyways…though I will be gone, I felt ill at the thought of leaving all of you hanging, so…in a moment I like to refer to as “Pure freaking genius!” I reached out to my fellow bloggers, author buddies and friends (that for some reason haven’t put me on their blocked call list yet,) and asked for help. Thankfully… I haven’t pissed any of them off enough yet, so they agreed! So what does that mean? Well, it means that for the month of June, KO will be a whirl wind of reviews, guest blogs, and articles sure to make you laugh, cry, or throw shit at your computer. Fun right? 
All I ask of you (my lovely dedicated readers) is that you be sure to leave them some love (or the next time I decide to lose my mind they may not be so willing to pick up my broken pieces.)
Till July… have fun & more importantly… HAPPY READING!
 🙂 Misty
P.S. – I will still do a freebies post each Saturday and the new releases each Tuesday.  Give me some credit… I’m not that damn heartless!

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  1. Okay, June is not so bad. I’m traveling for half the month, so it’s okay if you take a break, too. 😉 Meanwhile, I promise to read your guests as long as we still get our Tuesday/Friday posts. After all, why should you be allowed to have a life?

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