Run – Guest Review by Kipp Speicher

Today’s guest review is from one of my favorite (though slightly insane) people in the kindle world Kipp Poe Speicher. Kippoe, is an independent filmmaker/Author, who has always wanted to share his stories with the world, and now with beauty of self publishing, his stories have finally found their voice. Be sure to check out his work “Closing My Eyes Helps Me to See Clearly,” “The Rot” and my personal favorite “Die Already.” If you want to learn more about Kippoe you can visit him at his blog or follow him on Twitter at @Kippoe.

Run – Guest Review by Kipp Speicher

One of my first Kindle books was a sick fun read called Serial by Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn, and I knew right then my Kindle was a great investment. Few years later I kept seeing Blake Crouch show up on a few more books I found myself reading.

Last Fall I got to check out the book Draculas that gave me a renewed love for vampire stories, so I decided to take a chance on reading his new thriller RUN.

Let me warn you once you pick up this book you will not want to leave it, The title fits it very well, You will find yourself out of breath as you journey through the nightmare the family of four are thrown into just trying to stay ALIVE.

The four family members are very well fleshed out and you instantly feel the paranoia and fear they are dealing with, as the world we know suddenly becomes a savage wasteland.

The book crosses into Thriller and Horror with some extreme graphic scenes that will leave you wincing. So buckle up for a ride as you find a family ready to do anything to survive.

[Rating:5/5]  must read.

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