A Sad form of Deja Vu’

evernightstargazer"Evernight" started off strong…girl runs away, girl gets tackled in the woods by a cute boy that thinks she’s in some sort of life altering danger, girl returns to private school she despises to live out the rest of the book.  Its just to bad the rest of the book didn’t live up to the first 25%.  Once Bianca is safely back in her over-priced, equally as eery school the whole plot just becomes a big ‘ol mess skipping from thought to thought without actually solidifying. Now don’t misunderstand me.  I had to have enjoyed the book on some unknown level or I never would have picked up its sequel "Stargazer" but in the same light, this book was almost confusing in some parts. It’s as though the author decided to take a nap between chapters 4-6 and not bother to go back and fill in the missing pieces, you are struggling to piece it together yourself, and lets just be honest with ourselves, none of us really have the ability to read minds, we will never be as good as the original intention. So should you read it? Sure, go for it…If you are between the ages of 14-17 knock your lights out, have fun relishing in the Lucas Vs. Balthazar debate, I personally prefer Balty… yes he is lacking the whole "I’m a vampire and he’s a vampire slayer" thrill mark, but at least the 400 year old Vamp has manners, and some stellar Waltzing skills.


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