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"THE HOUSE OF NIGHT SERIES": As a self proclaimed Vampire lover I was sure to love this series: vampires, blood, the occasional bout of teenage angst, what more could you ask for right? But half way through "Marked" I was still waiting to be wowed. Unlike the rest of the world who feels this overwhelming need to compare every book on the planet to the Twilight Saga, I feel it is my blogger duty to give each author their own voice, and 70% in, this author duo finally found theirs, and boy, once they got it going they didn’t know where to stop. These books had a unique take on the dark underside we all wish was real.  Instead of being bitten you are marked.  Put a non-to-discreet tattoo in the middle of a teenagers forehead and problems are sure to arise.  I’m just not so sure that the heroin Zoey had life peril and possible death planned for her Spring Break vacation. That being said.  These books keep you reading. Which for me is the only major requirement I desire.  By the 2nd book in the series my husband was questioning my sanity as I sat on my couch bawling like a school girl, and by book 3 I wanted nothing more than to find my local tattoo artist and join the club. Whoever came up with the idea for a metaphorical vampire boarding school must have been around to many paint fumes, but as hokey as it sounds it works.  The writing makes the Psycho Headmistress, Pessimistic Enemy turned BFF and juggling not 1 but 3 boy friends sound amazingly convincing. Keep in mind that these books were intended for a young audience so if you are looking for some overly deep meaning then you are looking in the wrong place.  You will however find yourself having several minor flashbacks to your own teen years as the group of young friends portrayed race against time to find not only themselves but a place where they can belong.


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