And The Walls Came Tumbling Down!

atouchofdeadFirst and foremost, let me apologize for not having this book on my currently reading…the magical little “Kindle-bots” delivered it to me while I slept, and the next morning I just couldn’t help myself. Anyways…on with the review.

“A Touch of Dead”, unfortunately enough, was literary equivalent to a journalistic “puff piece” There was no glue, no deeper meaning, no before or after… and more fluff than a Prima Ballerina’s tutu!

I have read, (in their entirety), every other novel in the “Southern Vampire Mysteries”, so… rest assured, I DID NOT take this monstrosity of choppy, poorly written, short story, piece of poo lightly.

Yes! That is right…you did not misunderstand me… I said a BOOK FULL OF SHORT STORIES! (take a deep breath, it helps…also, I hear chamomile has very soothing qualities! Once you have calmed down, feel free to continue reading)

I was, (to say the least) heartily disappointed in this book. While I (and I’m sure the rest of Sookie fans) wanted a continuation of the trials and tribulations of Sookie/Eric/Bill/ and even Pam, we were instead offered a lame and dissatisfying blurb about… “how the Fairies acquired their bar?”

Give me a break!

Here is something to think about…there is a legitimate reason these little snippets of insignificant hub-bub didn’t make their appropriate books the first time… Because we don’t care!

We want action! We want to know WHO dear ‘ole Gandpop meant when he said “The vampire loves you”, we want to know how Bon Temps survived after the “Battle of Pissed off Fairy Land” We want to know if Alcide really is as much of an ass as “Harris” is making him out to be, and for the love of God and all that is holy…we want some freaking substance!! We DO NOT want a lame story about Dracula’s birthday party!

Is that so much to ask?

Apparently! Because what most of us waited months for, the book that several of us pre-ordered and waited with bated breath for, the book that for all intents and purposes should have continued on with the story; did nothing of the sort. Instead it teased us… made us feel like we were an after thought…made some of us, (for a very VERY brief second) consider throwing our Kindles at the wall in sheer frustration!

Don’t waste your time Sookie fans! All you will be is disappointed and pissed off… Instead, lets pray that “Charlaine Harris” retrieves her brain from the landfill she apparently lost it in.

P.S.  If you are reading this review and yelling at me for supposedly not reading the product description before I purchased it…I will have you know that when I ordered it 4 months ago…there was not book description and it was tagged as book number 10.

Regardless…it’s still crap.

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