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Good Morning Lovlies!!!

Today I have a special treat for you. The wonderfully talented, mildly psychotic,  Scott Nicholson is hosting a contest and has chosen KO as one of his golden children to front it.  Yay! *happy dance* So… what is he giving exactly? Well… let’s find out.

**Cue drum roll**

Scott has graciously decided to give away 1 $10 gift certificate! How do you win this little ditty? Well, you can get 1 point for tweeting this post, 1 point for Facebooking, and 1 point for commenting below. Scott will then draw a winner on April 8. Now.. of course that is not all, that’s not exactly how Scott rolls, so…if Liquid Fear (available for 99 cents at Amazon, BN.com, and Smashwords) hits the Top 100, a $100 winner will also be selected from participating blogs. To up your chances, because lets face it, $10 dollars can buy you something snazzy at the Kindle Store, and $100 dollars might actually make you faint… Hop all the blogs and increase your odds!

Ok, now onto the good stuff.. BOOK REVIEW!

Today I’m going to do things a little differently simply because I’m at a total loss. Yes, I did read “Liquid Fear” and yes… I thought it was brilliant, but there is no way in hell I’m going to be able to write a synopsis for this book and have it make any sense, so instead…I’m going to take the easy route, post Scott’s little rant about it, and then add my two cents.

What’s Your Liquid Fear? (Martin Kleingarten)

By Scott Nicholson

A man ought to be able to control his monkeys.

Martin Kleingarten accepts that as a core moral principle. But Martin is a man whose principles can be bought and sold. As a hired goon, he’s only too happy to help Dr. Sebastian Briggs and his mysterious backers carry out their research, even if it means a few corpses here and there.

But Martin also sees an opportunity to further his own career. A former security guard turned small-time thug, he has a chance for a final payoff and retirement if he can play his cards right. And as Martin sees the drug’s effect on the research subjects, he’s entertained but also appalled.

When fear becomes a weapon, then force is useless, and bullets carry no power. In the remote research facility, with crazed test subjects running wild, Kleingarten must decide which side he’s on.

It’s a decision made even tougher when all sides are wrong.

Liquid Fear. Just a drop will do.


It is no secret that I have concerns for the mental stability of Mr. Nicholson, but today… my fears have taken a drastically different turn. While under normal circumstances I would be concerned by the number of bodies found in barns, or cult leaders that make David Koresh look like a saint, today I find myself more concerned that Scott may actually be plotting world domination from his hideout in the mountains. I was NOT expecting what I got with “Liquid Fear.” I can usually distance myself from books like these because the chances of something like it  happening in “real life” are few and far between, but with this little piece of literary mastery, the BEAUTY and FEAR come from the fact that it actually COULD happen.

I do have 1 very important suggestion when reading “Liquid Fear” (which I usually wouldn’t give, but the nature in which I read the novel forces me to point it out.) Take your time.  I read this book in 2 days… a full out sprint (if you will) in order to have my opinions ready for y’all today.  Do Not Do That!  The story line in this novel is a complicated one AND is jamb packed with characters.  If you want to keep it all straight (and not have to keep flipping back and forth like I did) then take your time and properly soak it in one page at a time.

Overall, (with the exception of the occasional WTH!?) I found “Liquid Fear” packs a punch that leaves a mark.  As a matter of fact, this may just be my favorite Nicholson novel to date (and that is saying a lot considering I never thought I’d get past “The Red Church.“)  If you love a good psychological thriller, don’t delay in picking this one up.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: Everyone has bad days, it’s just that most don’t include dead hookers in motel bathrooms.

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Scott Nicholson is author of 20 books, including Disintegration, The Skull Ring, Speed Dating with the Dead, and The Red Church. He’s also written the children’s books If I Were Your Monster and Duncan the Punkin. Visit him at Haunted Computer.



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  1. Nicholson is brilliant I planned to read a little of his ebook and made myself stop at 2am.
    I’ll have my review out today I agree its a 5 star.

  2. Got it, now I need to read it!

    lorraine_lanning [at] yahoo [dot] com

    I’m going to copy and paste at each site, I don’t have a lot of time to comment today 🙁

  3. Thanks for your kind words and for hosting, Misty, and thank you guys for your support! We’re real close to triggering the $100 gift card giveaway so tell some friends!

    Scott Nicholson

  4. this is exciting 😉

    i hope you sell lots of books and yeah, i just one-clicked this LOL

    looking forward to reading it!

  5. Hi everyone, great turnout! Good luck in the drawing!

    Also, a good surge in sales will trigger the $100 gift card that YOU might win! Please consider gifting it to your friends who like mysteries, thrillers, and suspense! (a 99 cent surprise)

    Scott Nicholson

  6. Hey, Misty,

    I grabbed your “share this” button and want to thank you for that and for hosting Scott’s blog tour. He is a brilliant writer, as you’ve noticed. Your hubby sounds both diplomatic and smart. Maybe I should create a golf blog for my hubby, lol. Oh. And I did use your “share this” button to tweet your blog, so I’m not totally narcissistic 😉

  7. Doesn’t look like my first comment came through. Must’ve hit the wrong button…that’s because I’m still shaky from the after effects of the Liquid that is Fear! Not just any old Fear, but one that gets right into you. Susan

  8. Oh my stars! how did I get so behind in your blog tour? How did I not even know it was happening? Grrr…

    Good luck, kemo sabe!

  9. Hi Dawn, you are the winner here –you haven’t left contact info–please email me at hauntedcomputerbooks AT yahoo.com

    thanks everyone and keep on eye on KindleObsessed and Scotty for future giveaways


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