Ebay For Body Parts, How Charming!

unwindI never thought “Roe Vs. Wade” would get so wildly out of hand, but in “Unwind” that is precisely what happend.

Imagine that you have a child, and 14 years later, while your sitting at a bar drinking martinis you decide, “Uh… I really don’t want this child anymore, he’s expensive, his grades are crap, and he doesn’t floss.”

No problem! The government can take care of that pesky little problem for you. Take him off your hands… or rather, just take his hands off.

“Unwind” is an entertaining story, regardless of how completly screwed up it is.  It follows the lives of 3 teenagers, who for one reason or another have been signed over to the state, and scheduled to be unwound.  It follows the struggle for their exstance, their search for whats left of human compassion, of people who believe in the edict to make your own choice, to weave your own path.

The trio is faced with forging through a society that would rather use them for their parts instead of their abilities as a whole. “Got a healthy heart? Great…you really won’t be needing it anymore so lets just give it to someone who is worth a damn!”

Along the way they meet an “end of the worlder” with blue hair, and boy who has power problems and crudly drawn shark tattoo, you get to see what happens when your brain short circuts, and best of all you are introduced to an Admiral with a shady background and a disturbing set of teeth.

It is well written, the charachter development is supurb, and most of all, it makes you think. Which I guess could be considered good or bad for some of y’all out there.  My vote? Read it. You won’t regret it.

Happy traveling my peeeps, and remember your life is what you make it. So make it good, or I may take your eyes. Mine are crap and I’m tired of wearing contacts.

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