I Call The Red Board!

city of ashes“The Mortal Instruments”

“City of Ashes”…WOW!!!

Yes, I know that’s not a very literarily stunning way to start off a review, but I was honestly lost for words. I LOVED this book. Mash together a very stunning Vamp scene, an awkward bury the dead moment, a masochistic Inquisitor and a Faerie Queen that has a sick sense of humor and what do you get? One wicked game of Demon Battleship.

Yes, “City of Ashes” has a significant amount of angst scenes that were missing from the first book, but anyone with any sort of plot comprehension could see this coming from a mile away, and not without due justice. I don’t think I would have like the book as much if they were missing; the heart of the characters choices would be void and insignificant.

That being said, there was a seriously kick ass fight scene in this book. We are talking “Narnia” meets “Harry Potter” meets “Lord of the Rings” type intensity that had me so wrapped up I refused to put the book down for even basic human needs like… food… or the use of a bathroom after 5 bottles of water.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to beat a character over the head with a frying pan as much as I did “Jace” in the Epilogue of this book, and I am a little bit surly with the cliffhanger of “Imogen’s” mysterious dying whispers, but that’s life, and that’s why there’s a book three. (Which I am starting immediately.)

Happy Hunting, and remember…if anyone ever says you’re going to the Shadow City…bring a flashlight!

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  1. I really liked your review and use of humor. I have been looking for a new series to get into and look forward to reading this one based on your review.

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