I have betrayed my better judgement!

n221849 Not often am I compelled to Rant about a book before I have even reached the 50% mark, however my current read has got, for a lack of a better term “my panties in a bunch" While I’m the type of person who would read a Thesaurus if one was dropped in front of her, this time I am left with a rather large and irritating lump in my throat. If you are generous enough to get past the overwhelming about of editing errors to actually look towards the plot, you are going to be sorely disappointed. In the first 15 pages you are introduced to a group of women who are not only cops but have a disturbing resemblance to Samantha from Sex in the City.  Yes ladies, please, we would love to hear about your Swan-man and Chad the Choker fantasies.  Throw in a Con-man with a libido problem, an Earl turn Incubus named Randy, crappy magical references, and a risk obsessed heroin and what do you get? A story line that has more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese and an author who has a hard time picking a genre. Now, I will be the first to admit that I have, in fact, been turned around to a book before, that my initial perception has not always been my ending one, but this time I have a sneaking suspicion that "The Brass Bed" will leave me only wishing that the bed was iron instead..so I could club the author over the head with it. Sometimes a free book is free for a reason.


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