Where Are The Books?

Hey Kindle-ites!

I wanted to drop a line really quickly and let everyone know what is going on with the “book side” of KO. I have had tons, tons, TONS of emails in the last 2 weeks asking where the reviews are and I’d like to address them all at one time. (Because I’m lazy and it just seemed easier.) Anyways.  I have been planning, putting together and stuck behind a camera (which I hate) for almost 2 months now preppy for Accessory Month (which I hope all of you are participating in.) And because of this…I’m FRIED! Have I been reading? Yes. (And taking notes like a diligent little book blogger.) But between getting the accessory post up (which is about a 3 hour process with YouTube/iMovie …etc) I want to chunk my computer at the wall.  So, I’ve decided to throw in the towel. (Not THAT towel…calm down!) I’m not giving up on books, I’m just not going to stress myself out for the next few weeks trying to get reviews out on products AND books. Instead, I’m going to post the products up for grabs, post the freebies like usual, and to mollify all of my lovely book addicts…I’m going to post excerpts of novels for you!! As soon as I get my head back on straight (aka this accessory extravaganza has run it’s course) I’ll be back to give my unbridled schlub of all of those lovely books I’ve been stacking up.  Deal? Awesome! (Like you had a choice…right?) So that is the 411. Lots of cool prizes.  Tons of excerpts. Not so many reviews. (Deep breaths people!)  Till then. XOXO – I love you all! Cheers! Misty

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