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What Is A Skin?

skin /’skin/ (noun): A fitted, full-color adhesive-backed decal used to protect and cover the outer layer of electronic devices, pioneered by DecalGirl in 2003.


The Stats

Material: DecalGirl skins are made of premium automotive-grade cast vinyl with a special adhesive backing to prevent air bubbles during installation and leave no residue when removed.

Thickness: Our skins are strong but super thin, measuring about 5 mil total – or five thousandths (0.005) of an inch – that’s thin! It also means they’ll work with just about any kind of dock, charger or case on the market.

Printing: We use state-of-the-art large format printers and full-color UV resistant inks to deliver vibrant, photo quality images on every skin. After printing, skins are covered with a clear protective coating in your choice of finishes.

Accuracy: We take pride in our exact measurements – the skins are designed to fit precisely without buckling. Unlike other products, there’s no water or heat required to get your skin to conform to your device.

Ease of Use: DecalGirl skin kits can be installed by just about anyone and do not require any expertise or special tools. When it’s time for a change, simply peel it off and apply a new one!

Protection: The normal scuffs, nicks and scratches that make the surfaces of a device look worn are a thing of the past where it’s covered with our durable skins. They provide lightweight protection without adding weight or bulk to your favorite devices.


The Skins Up For Grabs!!

Gypsy Firefly for the Kindle Fire (Glossy)

About the Artist Aimee Stewart:

Aimee Stewart is a self taught artist, photographer and writer who has music in her soul and daydreams in her blood, and she lives life as one giant creative endeavor. Her digital art career took off in 2008 after several years of perfecting her craft, and she has now been featured in numerous international magazines not only as a featured artist, but as a guest writer for Masterclass tutorials.

Her work is licensed by Duirwaigh Studios and MGL Licensing UK to such companies as Tree Free Greetings, Buffalo Games, Mega Puzzles, DecalGirl, Heaven and Earth Designs, and the list is growing.




Necronaut for the Kindle Fire (Matte)

About the Artist Alchemy Gothic:

Alchemy was established in England over 30 years ago (1977) and is the best and only recognized worldwide brand name in Gothic, fantasy and alternative cultures.

With such well recognized brands as Alchemy Gothic, Alchemy UL13 & Alchemy Empire, we have gained an enormous following the world over. Alchemy products now reach out to every part of the world, with a fast, friendly and efficient customer centered service. The range of Alchemy products is extensive and includes Gothic Jewelry, Giftware, Clothing, Officially Licensed Band Merchandise and much more.

Everything at Alchemy is all done in house at our factory in Leicester, England. Starting right from the scribbled designs at the beginning down to the polishing of a finished piece at the end. Because we have our own in house design team we also design and manufacture bespoke products for other companies from key rings to awards. We are very well known for the annual Cosmopolitan, Classic Rock and Golden Gods awards that we designed and make.

Alchemy has come a long way since their lowly beginnings, growing into the innovative and creative force that has gained world wide recognition. Alchemy’s range of products is constantly growing, the latest addition being ‘Alchemy Empire’, the steampunk collection that pays homage to the legendary Ezekiel Empire Rosenstien




Robots In Love for the Kindle 4 (Matte)

About the Artist Vlad Studio:

Vlad was born and has always lived in Irkutsk, Russia. It is located near lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world by the way. He received economical education, but never spent a minute working as an economist! He also plays piano and guitar, and dreamed of becoming a rock star.

In 1998 Vlad started to design user interfaces for web sites and software applications. However, when he had some free time, he created desktop wallpapers. Over time, this hobby has grown into business, and today he enjoys full-time self-employment, creating wallpapers for your computers and mobile devices. “I love what I do, and I am happy that people around the world love it, too!”

His typical day may not seem so interesting. He spends most of the day at home, sitting with his MacBook Pro (because he is a home-based worker). He replies to E-mails from his website visitors and clients, maintains and improves his website, and of course, he always finds time to draw something in Photoshop.



Alice & Snow White for the Kindle Touch (Glossy)

About the Artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Jasmine Becket-Griffith is a traditional acrylic painter, combining elements of realism with fantasy and the surreal. Historical and spiritual references are intertwined with fairy tales and the beauty of nature. Her trademark liquid eyed maidens evoke a wide range of emotions and responses to the surrounding imagery. Many of her paintings are self-portraits to one extent or another and contain a lot of personal effects. It is her goal to bring a bit of magic to the mundane world with every painting!

Jasmine’s images appear in many books in magazines as well as countless merchandising lines such as the Bradford Exchange, the Hamilton Collection, dolls with Ashton-Drake and her line with Disney. Jasmine’s work can be found at her primary gallery – Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney® West Side at the Walt Disney World Resort®.

Jasmine was born in 1979 and began showing her work professionally in 1997. She is a full time painter and lives in Celebration, Florida with her husband/assistant Matt and their two cats, Mama Wolf and Tigrillo. Jasmine spends nearly all of her time painting, typically 12-16 hours per day, every day. When she is not painting, she is enjoying nature, studying art history, and traveling the world.



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The Giveaway!!

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  1. I’m disappointed that there isn’t one for the Kindle Keyboard because they are awesome. I checked out their website and they have a ton to choose from!! Thanks for all the giveaways!! 🙂

    1. I’m sorry. Maybe next time. On a different note…the Stickerboy decal can be for your Keyboard! That’s something 🙂 ALSO…I have Keyboard ones from GelaSkin coming up next week!

  2. Misty,
    Just wanted you to know…I wasn’t complaining. I really do appreciate all the giveaways. Looking forward to the GelaSkin!! 🙂

  3. Love your choices. I may have to get the Robot Love one for my Kindle Keyboard. Have you heard from others if these leave a residue when removed or anything?

    1. Hey Farin…

      This is what Bill (my amazing contact at DecalGirl) had to say in regards to your “residue” question

      “DecalGirl skins use an adhesive that does not leave any stickiness or residue behind when they are removed. They will come off the device cleanly even after being on for years.”

      Hope that helps!

      Thanks Bill! 🙂

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