2013 Indies Unlimited Excellence Awards


Afternoon Kindle-ites!

I am usually not one to self promote. As a matter of fact I think I’ve only every done it once. (For BEA tickets…who could blame me.) But today I am going to make an exception.

Two days ago I  hopped on the KO Facebook page (just to check on y’all) and saw a message from one of my blog followers. Turns out that over the weekend I had become a finalist for  the 2013 Indies Unlimited Excellence Award in the “Best Review Site” category. Truthfully…I was stunned. Then…I was honored. So very very honored.


Because of all the thing I do on KO, REVIEWING is the hardest for me. It takes me HOURS to write reviews (which is why they have been slowing in number lately. Darn kids.) and to know that people are actually reading them, enjoying them, and finding them worthy pretty much makes my day.

WHICH incidentally, makes this particular award super special to me. (Even if I find myself without the title once it’s all said and done. Hell, I’m just happy to be a finalist when it comes right down to it.) BUT.. that said, I would REALLY like to win it.

So..I’m self promoting. Or, better yet…asking for your help. In the form of votes.

Below I have attached the blurb from IU’s website. I have also attached the current standings. (As you can see…I’m pretty much the turtle.) IF you have a few free seconds. (And I DO mean seconds…there is no log in, password mumbo jumbo) stop by and help a sister out. OR…help another site out. (I am very good friends with a few of the other finalist. I’ll be happy for their success.)

Either way, THANKS to those of you that nominated me in the first place. I love all of you so very much. xoxo Misty


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