Cover Lust


I absolutely love cover art, I could look at it for hours! And since I love it I figured a few of you are likely to love it too. So, I’ve established a weekly (Thursday) post called “Cover Lust” in which I will feature one spectacular cover I consider pretty much perfect. I encourage you to leave your thoughts below (because I’m crazy curious) and if you feel up to it… tell me the title of a book who’s cover YOU lust!


The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

By Neil Gaiman



Lately I have become obsessed with “water covers” (for example The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer) and today, while shamelessly staring at Neil Gaiman’s newest little ditty I finally realized why…Fluidity.

I am obsessed with the fluidity the human body has while submerged underwater and just exactly how many different sentiments it can convey. Loss. Freedom. Despair. Peace… (I could keep going but I think you get my point.) And “The Ocean At The End Of The Street” is just another underwater beauty to add to my cover lust list. I love the fact that the (supposed) protagonist is fully clothed (it adds drama.) I love the arch of her back (it implies loss of control) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how DARK it is. Not “dark” in an emo sense (though I’m sure it could be taken that way) but the use of the dark color pallet which illustrates the depth of the ocean. Anyways…I lust this cover.

How about YOU?

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