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Unfortunatly…every once in a great while my life gets in the way of me reviewing. This is one of those times, but my OCD nature prohibits me from leaving yall hanging, so yesterday I decided to reach out to my Kindle-ites and ask for assistance. I was floored! Not only did I have several of my fellow reviewers answer my distress call and offer up reviews, but I had authors as well. So… today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Author Chris Redding.

Chris discovered at age ten she had a knack for storytelling. Ever since, she has wanted to be a published author. She lives in New Jersey with her family and animals. When she isn’t writing she works part time for her local hospital. Her books include “Corpse Whisperer” and “Incendiary.”

Let’s give her a proper KO welcome.

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Guest Review: Champagne with a Celebrity

​I don’t read anything from Harlequin, but a for few times a year. After I’ve read something dark, a nice category romance clears the mind of those dreary images. You know what’s going to happen, maybe not where and to whom, but you can count on a happy ending.

I picked up Champagne with a Celebrity by Kate Hardy because the hero is a perfumer. My husband is a perfumer and he always bugs me to write one into one of my novels.

​The heroine, Amber Wynne, is a British socialite. Always in the news as a party girl. The hero is a French perfumer who doesn’t like the spotlight. He has a secret that he doesn’t want revealed. They meet at a wedding and he pursues her relentlessly.

​Let me get my one complaint out of the way right now. Ms Hardy used the word perfumier. My DH has been a perfumer for twenty years. He’s done that job in England, Switzerland and the U.S. He’s never seen that word. So in the beginning that word pulled me out of the story.

But I stuck with it and got past it.

​And so glad I did. Ms. Hardy gave her characters a lot of depth. They were three-dimensional and, frankly, I wanted to meet them in real life. I was rooting for these two to get together and I forgot that it was inevitable they would.

​Besides the word I mentioned above, I have to compliment Ms. Hardy on her research. Each night I read more of the book, I would turn to my DH and ask him a question. Each time what Ms. Hardy said was correct.

​I think it is fabulous when an author does that much research and gets it right. The author could have fudged. Perfumers are not a dime a dozen. The industry can be wrapped in a lot of mystery.

​Not just her characters pulled me into the story, but the setting, too. I was back in the south of France. I thought I’d taken a mini-vacation.

For a great escape read, I highly recommend Kate Hardy’s Champagne with a Celebrity.

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