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Today I have special treat for you, a review from a very dear friend of mine Lilla Friend.  While she is not a blogger, an author or even a reviewer, she is THE reason I keep KO alive. She LOVES to read! I am especially proud of her today for puting herself out there and writting a review for me (which trust me, for her mildly neruotic self, is HUGE!) So who is Lilla exactly? Well, she is an ER Dr. from South Africa, who adores her 7 gagillion animals and tends to trip over her own feet at least 20 times a day.  She is funny, and sarcastic, and one of the people I look forward to talking to the most every morning when I wake up. Let’s please all give her a proper KO welcome.

Happy Reading!

Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert

Why am I Kindle obsessed? I love reading. I love it more than anything else EVER. And I read fast which is great, but if you travel a lot, you need to buy new books all the time. And since I am just a tad OCD, I need to know that I have at least a few unread books on my bookcase at all times. Otherwise I might die. I probably have more than 300 books I still have to read. The other brilliant thing about the Kindle is that I don’t have to wait months for the books to be launched in South Africa. I can get them immediately!

There are three seasons why I chose this book:
1. Witches are seriously de rigeur at the moment
2. The author is South African (as am I)
3. The cover was pretty (looked at actual book before I got it on Kindle)

The story is simple: Gabriel Blackston (a hacker aka information broker) is contacted by the love of his life (Frankie) and is asked to find her new millionaire husband’s missing son (Robert) by using his powers of clairvoyance. OK, maybe it is not that simple.

As students, Gabriel and Frankie were part of an organisation called Eyestorm that used its members’ paranormal powers to solve cases. The tragic death of a millionaire’s wife leads to Gabriel quitting Eyestorm. He is therefore quite reluctant to get involved in finding the missing young man.

His investigation into Robert’s death leads him straight to the Monk sisters who are direct descendants of John Dee, the Elizabethan occultist. Minnalouse and Morrigan Monk are both beautiful and mysterious and Gabriel is soon drawn into their world. When he accesses the last thoughts of Robert, he realises that one of the sisters is responsible for his death. Thanks to his hacking capabilities, he gets access to a diary written by one of the sisters and soon realises that one of the sisters is a killer and the other is the love of his life. Is it the intellectual, sensuous, red-haired Minnaloushe or the adventurous, eco-terrorist, dark-haired Morrigan?

At the centre of this exceptionally well-written novel is a so-called memory palace where the Monk sisters can hone their arcane powers to become solar witches – the most powerful of all witches. The more enmeshed Gabriel becomes into the lives of the Monks, the more he loses focus on his actual task and disappoints his best friend, Isidore. There are many levels to this intricate novel and each brings more surprises

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The twists and turns around every corner keep you guessing all the time. This is not a pretty fairy tale, but a dark story of magic, love, extra-sensory powers, death and revenge. Mostert writes compellingly and there is no doubt that my Kindle will acquire her other books as well. Poor bank account.

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  1. Beautiful review, I’ll definitely have to add this one to my growing TBR list on kindle. I have to agree there is nothing better than having access to my entire library, and a bookstore, in seconds. LOVE my kindle.

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