Guest Review-The Truth About Forever

Guest Reviewer – Nicole


From time to time every reader drifts away from their comfort zone, whether it be because our numbers have not been reached on the hold list (I really need my gift cards to bookstores soon), or because there is nothing new coming out.

Having already read several of “Dessen’s” novels, but never really finding one that was all that it was hyped up to me, I decided to give “The Truth About Forever” a chance.

Macy (the main character) is stuck in a rut, she has what her mother deams as the perfect boyfriend and can never quite escape from her memories of her father’s death.

The “Wish” Catering company helps out at one of her mother’s open houses and Macy is (for lack of a better word) mystified. She is shocked by the complete flexiblity and chaotic nature of their business; not unlike the cow looking for greener grass.

The Truth About Forever is easily my favorite of Dessen’s novels thus far, with beautifully written characters and the effortless capability to dealve into the true nature of her characters as they are pushed to their breaking points. Even with all of these strengths Dessen still fell short on weaving a plot not held up by the characters, the entire book is centered around Macy and her character development which is lovely to a point, but four hundred pages of one character moving slowly towards a new place in the world is a bit over doing it–there’s a reason I like to stick with the supernatural

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