Mentos And Coke!

Well…it’s official, I suck.  I didn’t post anything yesterday for no other reason then pure unadulterated laziness! I apologize and pray that you can look past my moment of unmotivatedness (hum.. is that a word?) and bank on me getting back to my overactive, compulsive self.

Keeping that in mind… today is Thursday and that means its time for “It’s a Tween Thing”

I always loved Science as a child, lets face it, mixing things together and seeing what happens is just plain fascinating! So…for a new twist on a old subject here is Science with FOOD!

Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: When THIS worlds got you down…Pick up a new one!

p.s. I’ll post the review for “World War Z” tomorrow. 🙂

Science Experiments You Can Eat!

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Product Description

Incredible Edible

Ever wonder

  • what makes popcorn pop?
  • why cakes rise?
  • how jelly gels?

    Your kitchen will be transformed into a laboratory worthy of a mad scientist as you make startling discoveries about how cabbage can detect acid, how bacteria makes yogurt, and how decomposed sugar turns to caramel. Then after a long day at the lab you can relax and eat your results: soup, biscuits, pretzels, cupcakes, or cookies.

    Vicki Cobb’s seminal book has been revised and updated to encompass advances in modern technology but still provides what all kids want: a legitimate excuse to play with their food!

  • About the Author

    Vicki Cobb is a pro at explaining the cohesive and adhesive properties of water. but she can never seem to remember that plants like water too! She finally had to decorate her home with artificial plants to keep from killing the live ones.

    Ever since Science Experiments You Can Eat, Vicki Cobb has been delighting children, parents, and teachers with the fun of making science discoveries. Now, with the new Science Play series, she sets her sights on the youngest children. who are natural scientists and are always experimenting. Vicki Cobb and her husband divide their time between their homes in White Plains, New York. and Manchester, Vermont.

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