The Rewind


At the risk of ridicule for being absurdly late with this post I have decided to go forth and be mocked. Every year (usually around the 30th or so of December) I write a “Best Books” post for all of you to gobble up and disperse amongst your friends. This year? I found myself in bed.

Christmas this year was a joy. I didn’t travel, just kicked back and enjoyed my children’s joy in receiving an abundance of geek worthy goodies. The day after Christmas however, I woke up with an excruciating headache. Of course, I ignored it. (I am a total 2-year-old when it comes to seeing a doctor. Unless I have an arm dangling precariously, I’d rather lay on my living-room floor and moan.) I made jokes about having a brain tumor, slammed back 10 or 20 Advil and went on with my day. (Don’t worry…this isn’t going to be one of those “surprise I’m actually dying but I’m masking the news with this peppy post”…posts.) By New Year’s day I’d finally had enough (I was afraid I might actually start bleeding from the eyes) and tackled the problem. I had a sinus infection. (See…not dying of some horrific disease.) Naturally, I took offense that a tiny little sinus infection could knock my stubborn ass out of commision…but there you have it. I was fouled by snot. *Shakes fist in air* After a few pills and more wine than I’d like to admit, I finally found the road to cranial recovery.

Which brings us to today. The 8th of January. Or as most of the blogging world would say “A day late and a dollar short.” I am well aware of the ill timing of this post. But being a book enthusiast first and foremost, I don’t want y’all to miss these precious gems from 2013. So I’ve decided to buck the system. Tomorrow I will write a review. I will slam writing styles, I will fawn over characters, I will make love to the page. (Eww.. maybe not.) But today…the 8th of January (Yes, I know I’m repeating myself.) I will pretend that the last week didn’t happen. Rewind your life with me…just for a moment. I promise, you won’t be sorry.

As was the case last year, not all of these books were published in 2013. Honestly…I don’t see the point of sticking to one publication year. I read them in 2013 and therefore 2013 deserves the credit. (Though admittidly…most of them WERE actually published in the last year.) Also, I am about as indecisive as a toddler in a candy store. If you’ve already scrolled down you’ve noticed two list. Yeah, I had to. When I was trying to narrow them down it felt like I was trying to pick a favorite child. So I did the next best thing… HONORABLE MENTION! (Those two words together always sound so…prestigious. Don’t they? No? Gah…)


Here they are…

KO’s Top 10 of 2013



Tandem by Anna Jarzab
The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys
The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
The Lair by Emily McKay
Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi
Foreplay by Sophie Jordan
Seeds of Discovery by Breeana Puttroff
The Program by Suzanne Young


Honorable Mention

I have reviewed all of these with the exception of “The Sky is Everywhere” and “Allegiant.” If you are curious about my thoughts…searching both the title or author should pull them up.  






Now, I know that not all of you have been around for the whole of 2013. And because of this, you might have missed a few things. So, I’ve decided to list some of my favorite articles from the last year. So you can catch up! 

Click the image to read the article.


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