7 Bookish Gifts To Make Your Geek Smile


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7 Bookish Gifts To Make Your Geek Smile

 If your household is anything like mine, your significant other is currently running around the house like a chicken with his head cut off, trying desperately to find something worth a crap (or at the very least interesting) to give to their uber geek loved one for Christmas. Despite my insistance that: “Yes, I actually DO want a $200 gift-card to Starbucks! Why is that so unreasonable??” MY husband remains unconvinced. Which got me thinking…maybe I should help a brother out and present him with a few additional ideas. And…since I am a shameless blogger, what better way to do that than to disguise MY bookish wishlist as “heart-filled suggestions” to you….my very loving and totally understanding audience. Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a second. We are all nerds here, and nerd gifts are the best thing on the planet. So here they are: 7 gifts that I think would make any book-lover happy.



#1 Hardback Kindle Cover for Paperwhite

Despite my obsession with my Kindle, I still LOVE the way hardback books look. ESPECIALLY really freaking old ones. So…why not get the best of BOTH worlds with these Kindle covers from Marston Bindery!

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Price: Ranges from $40- $50 depending on which cover you buy.

Buy It: HERE

Description: Protect and enhance your Kindle Paperwhite with Marston Bindery’s exclusive hand-crafted classical book covers

Our Shakespeare’s Sonnets cover is made with an imitation leather finish and intricate gold foil tooling effect detail and lettering on the spine reading ‘Shakespeare’s Sonnets’

Combining the look and feel of a real book with the convenience of an ereader, our classical book covers are the perfect present for anyone who loves to read or great as a gift to yourself

– All our Kindle covers are hand-crafted to order in our Leicestershire workshop using traditional book binding materials and techniques

– Our cases are slimline and lightweight yet durable, with a high-quality hardback construction and splash-proof finishing, providing enhanced protection for your Kindle

– On the inside cases are fitted with snap-on cradles that securely grip the Kindle, allowing access to all buttons / power inputs whilst remaining virtually invisible when the Kindle is fitted in place

– Kindle covers are finished with beautiful endpapers and customisable bookplates and are delivered in a beautiful presentation box via first class Royal Mail


#2 Edgar Allen Poe Lunch Box

Nothing says: “I’m a total nerd!” like an old school lunch box. Add Captain Creepy Pants himself and this gift is solid gold. Look at him! He thinks he’s better than you. Standing there, all rigid and judgy like, with his hands in his pockets! I say we knock him down a peg by shoving gobs of junk-food into his metephorical gullet! On a slightly less psychotic note: it’s a great conversation starter.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 7.09.06 PMPrice: Anywhere from $13 – $20 depending on which site you purchase it from. I’ll let you gamble with that issue all on your own.

Buy it: HERE

Description: Edgar Allan Poe is known for being the king of the horror story. This 8″ x 7″ x 4″ (20.3 cm x 17.8 cm x 10.2 cm) retro lunchbox pays homage to his dark heritage. Both sides are illustrated with multiple reference to his stories and poems, sure to delight hardcore fans. The lunchbox is made of metal, has a plastic handle and also includes a vinyl dangle. A great gift for English majors or anyone who prefers to look on the dark side of life. Bagged with illustrated tag.


#3 Book Scarf

I am a bit of a scarf nut. (Ok, that’s not entirely accurate. I’m more of a scarf whore.) And seeing as how I’m equally obsessed with the written word, it’s only logical that the two combined make a bucket full of awesomesauce. Me? I’m partial to Sherlock. But Storiarts isn’t without its variety. So go…make one with the keepers of warmness and all things biblio-tastic!

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Price: Ok, they may be a little pricey at $42 bucks but they are handmade! Some poor little old lady is sitting at home in her creaky rocker cranking these things out for our needy asses. The least we can do it pay for her bandaids.

Buy It: HERE

Description: Wrap up with a good Book Scarf! Let everyone know about your great taste in books by wrapping a page of one around your neck! This infinity scarf will keep you looking & feeling both warm & intelligent. Reference the last picture above to read the included text selection.

Each patented Storiarts Book Scarf is created from American made, cream colored fabric, super soft 100% cotton jersey knit, about 63″ in circumference and 12″ wide. Fabric has been doubled over and sewn along the edge and at the center to create a thick, chunky, and moldable “page.”

All of our items are designed, printed, and sewn beforehand so there is no way to change the words, color of the ink or fabric without purchasing a custom piece. You can read about Custom Orders in our shop policies page.

** This is an infinity/round/circle scarf. The ends ARE connected. Although the flash photography makes the scarf appear white, it is cream and thus better resembles the color of a page out of a book. Each scarf weighs about 8oz **


#4 Doctor Who Tardis Dictionary Print

And this ladies and gentlemen is where I go off the nerd deep end into nerd oblivion. I am part of a Whovian family. We eat. Sleep. Breath Dr. Who. (Even my 5 year old who wanted to dress up as a Weeping Angel for Halloween.) This art is the piece de resistance of Bookish gifts as far as I’m concerned. Dr. Who? The Dictionary? My brain might actually explode from sheer exuberance. If you have a book lover and a Dr. Who lover in your household…this incredibly cheap gift might just score you some extra “sexy time.” *wink wink* *hint hint*

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 6.05.26 PMPrice: $9.85! No, I’m not lying!!! It’s freaking $9.85!!! I might actually pass out.

Buy It: HERE

Description: Six Tardis unframed art print.

this image is printed directly on a Dictionary dating from 1849. All my Prints are made using Salvaged Books which otherwise would be consigned to the scrap heap.

This is a one off Unique ARTWORK which can be framed according to your own taste. A lovely ivory patina adds to the athmosphere of these Antique Books.

The Dictionary Page you will receive will be slightly different than the one shown, but from the same 1849 Book.

These look AMAZING in both Old World and Contemporary settings, whether your house is old or new they add a timeless fascination. These make wonderful unique gifts.

The page measures approximately 7.5 x 10.50 inches or 260mm x 180mm. This frame is NOT included, You will receive just the Artwork.


#5 Talk Nerdy Coffee Mug

Ok, so I prefer this Talk Nerdy coffee mug, but any mug with a witty saying will do. As long as it makes a statement the mug will be success. (Unless of course that statement is something like…I’m a pretentious ass. Then you might have a problem.) Like the lunch box, mugs are conversation pieces. (Which apparently I’m a big fan of. Who knew.)

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 6.14.18 PMPrice: This particular mug is $10.50 (Oh pipe down!! You spend more on toilet paper and you throw THAT away!) I’m sure if you really looked though, you could find a reasonable mug for half the price.

Buy It: HERE

Description: All Mugs are White on the Outside with Image as shown

• Microwave and Dish washer safe.
• Heat pressed Ink Image will not fade
• Can be used for Hot & Cold beverages
• Reusable
• Made to Order
• We Can make Custom designs or Photos on your mug
• Made in the USA
• Lead & Cadmium Free


#6 Book Purse

It’s a book. No, it’s a purse. No…it’s a girly book nerds wet dream. (Geez I can’t believe I just typed that.) Every girly girl needs a purse, so why not make it a really cool purse. Who cares about functionality. Functionality is overrated. You know what’s NOT overrated? A purse with Dracula on it!!!  Oh, you’re not a Dracula fan? I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. (Just Kidding. Not.) There are plenty of other books to pick from. Go on…take a look…you know you want to.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 6.22.38 PMPrice: $45-$60 depending on which book you pick. I say…WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Buy It: HERE

Description: This leather bound book needs no introduction…..

Embossed with black and silver lettering,
I chose a Midnight Black cotton
fabric lining for a bold look.

Made just the right size at 6 inches
from top to bottom. 8 inches from side to side.
5 inches for the opening to reach in and store your goodies
and with a generous spine of 2 inches, roomy enough..

>Antiqued Dark Brown Wooden Purse Handle
>Larger Black Wooden Purse Handles
>Petite Black Wooden Purse Handles
>Long Shoulder Length Purse Handles
>Messenger Style Purse Handle to carry across the body

An embellished pocket is included to hold smaller
items while out and about.

A silver filigree button looped with an elastic ribbon
holds your items in your purse nice and snug.


#7 Book T’s

And last, but certainly not least…the obligatory book shirt. Everyone must own at least 5. It’s a rule. If you don’t own at least five you will be kicked out of the club. So get on it!!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 6.30.40 PMPrice: $5 – $30 (The one shown is from Cafe Press and is $29.99) If you are so inclined… Google book shirt. You will find roughy 700 different ones in all shapes, sized and prices.

Buy It: HERE

Description: The v-neck women’s dark t-shirt is comfortable, casual, but at the same time classy. This dark v-neck tee for women is made from pre-shrunk 100% cotton and stays soft and durable wash after wash. With a wide range of size choices from Small to XL, women of all shapes and sizes will find their perfect fit. This women’s dark t-shirt with v-neck cut is not only fashionable for going out and about town, but also is perfect for lounging around in your sweats or pajamas. 100% preshrunk cotton – Standard Fit – 5.6 oz

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  1. OMG! I want the Poe lunch box and the Dracula purse. That would totally make Xmas just that much better. 😉 Love this post and the fact that you hyperlinked the items… I’m forwarding this to my mom, dad, aunt and nieces. Since I’m “too hard to buy for”… O.o

    1. What is that… “Too hard” I’ll never understand that, as many times as my family says it to me. I’m all “seriously? Walk into ANY bookstore. Buy ANY book. Bam! Done!” But they always think I’m kidding. *sigh* People. I tell ya.

      Hope you get these goodies! They rock. 🙂

  2. Those book scarves are pretty awesome! I’m a bit of a scarf nut myself, and the idea of wearing the printed page definitely appeals to me. (Though I’d probably spend more time trying to read my scarf that I would actually wearing it. :p)

    1. Fun fact: when I was looking at them, I was trying to find the one with the best passage.

      Book nerds to the end aren’t we? LOL 🙂

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