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Evening Kindle-ites!!! Well, the genius behind (who will remain nameless because he loves his anonymity) wants to host another contest for all of you, and well…who am I to deny him? Anyways, I am slightly OCD about all of my electronics matching (phone, kindle, laptop) and since I am, there has to be a few more of you out there, right? (For the love of God nod your head so I don’t feel like a freak.) So to help with this completely ridiculous tick that we ALL HAVE StickerBoy is not only giving away ANOTHER Kindle skin (for whichever Kindle you might own) but also an iPhone skin to match! (*throws confetti*) So here is the down-low on StickerBoy, their products, a review I did for the skins last month, and the rafflecopter form for the giveaway.  Good luck!


Who Is StickerBoy? 

StickerBoy has been in operations for over 22 years specializing in all forms of graphic to architectural films;  from custom fabrications to dealing with the best technique of installations.

They have also held some of the LARGEST  business accounts out there ranging from MTA and Royal Caribbean, to several recognized racing teams and OTB. (<—Which happens to be an apparel company. Who knew.)

The PROFESSIONAL explanation of the film used:

  • They use the best selected films from 3m and better companies. 3m does make different series of films, but StickerBoy specifically use Di-noc while a few others use 3m’s scotch print 1080 series.
  • Why does this matter? 1080 is super thin about 1/4 of the thickness of Di-noc, it offers no protection and creases easily.
  • Many other companies use films from third world countries that are not regulated, resulting in lead and other bad ingredients.
  • Di-noc is primarily used for the architectural industries, such as furniture, interior and exterior of buildings, 5 star hotel lobbies, ceiling and more.

    MY Explanation of the films used:

  • Made from highest quality 3M Laminate Film used in the architectural design industry.
  • This durable heavy duty film features a special Air Channel Release Adhesive resulting in NO BUBBLES!
  • Skins are decorative stickers used to cover your device.
  • Many options of colors and textures to choose from go to to see more.

    FYI – if you have OTHER products you want to skin up too, StickerBoy is a KindleObsessed affiliate. Use promo code: KindleObsessed and get 5% off!


    A Closer Look





    The Giveaway


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