Verso Artist Cover (Review)

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Verso Artist Series, Say Yes Cover for Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite
By LightWedge

Most see the centuries-old art of calligraphy as just super-fancy handwriting. But when the sister/artist team of Cyrille and Lise Gulassa spent a year living together in Japan, they developed a much deeper appreciation for the art form. Their experience and observations led to a more intimate appreciation for the unique confluence of individuality, creative expression, and environment.

The bold “Say Yes Now” calligraphy presented on the Verso Artist Series, Say Yes cover reminds us to say yes to opportunities that come our way … even if we’ve never considered saying yes to something like that before.

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My Thoughts

First off, I want to say how much I LOVE the artistic design of this cover. With the exception of my Oberon this is easily this prettiest (or sassiest) kindle cover I own. It is also the loudest (as in bright) which helps me find it quicker when I plop down my Kindle whenever I’m traipsing through the house.

Anyways, here are a few of the Pros I have found and a few of the Cons.

*Stylish (made with an Italian fabric which resembles (and feels like) rubber.)

*Light Weight

*Microfiber interior (helps to prevent scratching.)

*Tight device straps with plastic (no slide) enhancements on underside of strap (they don’t budge an inch once put in place.)

*Folds nicely (not to long or to short etc.)

*Fits a multitude of Kindle Devices (K4, Touch, Paperwhite)

*Interior document pocket to hold notes


*The exterior fabric CAN divit, so make sure you don’t sit anything heavy (or elaborate – like a wallet for example) on top of it.

*There is no strap to hold it closed. (So I don’t think it’s a good idea to throw it in a bag) It has a magnet (which you can easily tell when your devices is NOT inside the case, but once it is, it’s all but useless. There is just too much spacing for it to work properly.)

*Not much cushion to the cover, which means I probably wouldn’t want to drop it (especially since the sides are exposed.)


Overall, great cover for causal Kindle readers, probably not the best cover for those of you that like to take it with you everywhere, (it’s much to open to the elements.)

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