Sighing My Life Away

In December of 2009 I reviewed “Torment’s” prequel “Fallen.”  While not a five star book I still loved it, and gave my nod of approval to dive right in.  Then… I put the book to the back of my head and moved on.  Knowing that “Torment” was not to be released until September of the next year there was 0 point (in my mind) to dwell on the excruciating wait that was in my future.  Now… for anyone who reads series novels it is a well known fact that the closer the release date (for the next book) the antsier one gets.  We clean our TBR lists, we make exceptions, and shift obligations so that on that very special day we are ready and waiting for our much anticipated read.  “Torment” was that book for me.

9 months is a very long time, just ask anyone who has ever been pregnant, but in the book world it is an eternity. It is also a time for us to build up unwarranted expectations.

**Fallen Spoilers in italics — you have been warned**

Life has just gotten a little more complicated for Lucinda Price.  Finding out the love of her life Daniel is a fallen angel was one thing, but dropping her off all by her lonesome at a Nephilim boarding school in California? That’s crossing the line.  Still reeling with the fact that her life is set on loop, (Live-Love-Burn-Repeat) Luce does the only thing she can think of while hottie-mic-hotterson is out battling the hell on earth, she starts to dig into her past.  Will glimpsing her past help her cope with her unconventional future? What happens when what she sees is the exact opposite of what she wants? And who is the cute new boy that is starting to make Luce re-think EVERYTHING?

Ok, now here is the part where all of you groan and mutter various versions of the same line “REALLY?”, “Uh-huh”, “Well that blows, ” and yes… I would have to agree with you.  This novel took me way longer than it should have to read. Yes.. I was mildly distracted by postseason baseball but even with my 4 hour breaks 3 times a week I should have knocked this puppy out 3 days after it hit my kindle, and the fact that I didn’t should be a very clear indication of just how disappointed I was.

The writing in “Fallen” was unique, cleverly plotted and angsty to the point of embarrassment, but more than that it was good.  “Torment” felt more like a ride on the “Pity Party Express” only giving tiny glimpses of action, and dropping (God I hate saying this) lame, overly manufactured moments of intimacy in when the plot got so slow I felt as though I would slip into a coma.  The characters we grew to love (and appreciate) in Fallen were all but absent in Torment, and replaced with a whole new, (less than spectacular) set, and the fast paced, action packed plot was clipped down to 1 short chapter at the end of the novel.

Needless to say I think Kate could have done better in her scripting of Luce and Daniel’s story, and even more… she could have amped up the intensity just a smidge, that was (after-all) what kept me flipping pages like a wild woman in book 1.

If you have read Fallen, sure go ahead, get Torment and catch up when you have the free time, but no rush… book 3 doesn’t come out until fall of 2011. And… just to make my point clear on the direction Kate has decided to steer this once very promising series; if “Passions” tanks, I’m out.  I have enough to read without it.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: 1 book won’t kill a series, but it can definitely make you apprehensive in the future.

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and only because I was teetering and I’m giving the author the benefit of the doubt.

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4 thoughts on “Sighing My Life Away

  1. Well put, I felt exactly the same way.

    You must read Cresendo by Becca Fitzpatrick. Now there’s a sequel that was better than the first book But be warned, the cliffhanger is pure evil!

    1. I know I keep hearing that. I have it waiting for me, I just have to find time to read it. (crescendo)

      Nice to know I’m not alone on the Torment front though 🙂

  2. You are definitely not alone on the Torment front. I felt the same way. It took me to 89% for the book to get good, and I was excited (because FINALLY!) and sad (really, it took that long?! But it’s almost over!) about that. But based on the ending, I am hoping that Passions (which I now HAVE to read next year) holds up to Fallen.

  3. I also agree with you about this book. I am also feeling an overwhelming theme among some of the YA Paranormal in general where the female lead characters are seemingly excessively whiny about their relationships. I mean come on now a hot angel is all over you suck it up and get over yourself!

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