Stupid Moon Phase!

After reading “Invisible Tears” it was imperative that I read something light-hearted, fun, and completely unrealistic.  So in search of something to readjust my psyche I decided to dive into “Claire de lune” which has been waiting patiently on my Kindle for about 2 weeks now.  If you think about it it was kind of inevitable… you can’t get much more unrealistic than werewolves.

Hanover Falls is a pretty average town, you have your famous photographers, your cute boys, your mildly obsessive activist, and your werewolves.  Ok… so maybe the werewolf thing makes it a little less average, but in Claire’s eyes, large walking puppies are just another thing that makes life…life. That is until she find out she is one.  On her 16th birthday Claire’s life is suddenly turned upside down.  The itchy ears and hands she though was just a rash turns into something much more menacing, and to top it off, the boy (who she finally managed to nab) is none other than the local “lets kill em all” guru’s son.  Will Claire ever learn to accept the “thing” she’s always been? Where are all these mysterious bodies coming from? And, will her faith in one person ultimately hurt or help her?

“Claire de lune” though enjoyable, was no more than “just another wolf tale.”  With the exception of the “female only” wolf pack, the story lacked originality and could be easily dropped into the generic paranormal bin.  Christine Johnson’s writing was predictable, but solid, and her fight scenes were so quick they barely allowed the reader to get amped up or anxious as to who would come out on top. There is an obvious formula to these types of books, and Johnson didn’t swerve (even the tiniest of blips) from it.

If you are a fan of paranormals, you will like it.  Like I said, it wasn’t bad, it was just “another book.”

Here is my advice… if you need something to distract you (like I did) or are fishing for the quick summer read, then this is definitely a book to grab off the shelf.  If you are looking for something with a little more depth… keep walking, this one is just to calculable to engage any sort of forward thought.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: Rashes are gross… there is a crew of people out there that can fix it for you…quit living in denial and get some cream.

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