Wicked Lovely or Just Blah?

“Wicked Lovely”… wicked-lovely-cover

What in the world can I say about this this? Oh how mundane.

I don’t know what it was about this book, but it was both interesting and horribly boring all at the same time.  The first couple chapters were sloppy and once “Melissa Marr” finally got around to saying what she wanted I almost didn’t care anymore.

The story line was promising… a great concept… it just lacked that certain something that keeps you wanting more. That something that makes you run right out and grab the second book.

The characters were lacking…ok maybe not all of them, I think I actually learned something about Seth, (who I adored) but as for the rest of them? Nothing but superficial hub drub. I need substance to keep me going.  Give me even an illusion of depth and I’m happy, but here…nada, zilch, zero.

Who knows, maybe we can just chalk my negative attitude up to coming off of a book high, maybe I’m just cranky cause I have a cold, but the fact remains that I just wasn’t all that impressed.

There were Faeries and Mortals,  an uber evil Ice Queen and a flock of really annoying cheerleader like Summer Fey. Throw in a over zealous egotistical King and a magical staff and you have a half cocked attempt at a readable book.

And last but not least…to put a little cream cheese icing on top of the crumbling cake… I hated the epilogue! I was hoping for a little more than I got, only to be again..disappointed.

Maybe if I sleep on it I’ll wake up tomorrow and have changed my mind. Until then. Read if you dare…or if you have nothing else handy.

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