Cover Lust



I absolutely love cover art, I could look at it for hours! And since I love it I figured a few of you are likely to love it too. So, I’ve established a weekly (Thursday) post called “Cover Lust” in which I will feature one spectacular cover I consider pretty much perfect. I encourage you to leave your thoughts below (because I’m crazy curious) and if you feel up to it… tell me the title of a book who’s cover YOU lust!



What Lies Beneath by Richard Denney



So last weeks cover was all about beauty. This week…it’s all about the creep. As in C-R-E-E-P-Y. But, before I get into what I really love about this cover; can we all just agree that the female pictured has a striking reseblence to Samara from The Ring? The long dark hair, the white cotton dress…*shiver*

Anyways, what first caught my attention was how HEAVY this cover felt. The dark colors, the scratch filter (that was obviously laid over the photo) the water that seems to be dragging her dress down. All of these elements together cause the image to have weight. Like a big blob of dread that sits in the pit of your stomach right before something horrific happens. There are only 3 major components (sky, water, subject) but the perfectly ominous placement of them (and the blue/gray color palate) evokes undeniable emotion before you’ve even had the opportunity to open the book.

I lust this cover…

How about you?

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