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Written by Nicole, who more often than not, goes by the name of Keeziegirl (drop me a comment on shelfari). She is a teenager that really should be doing her school work to get into a great college, but spends more hours in escapist young adult novel reading. When it comes to choice reading Keeziegirl loves nearly all young adult fiction, especially the guilty fluff reading that too often involves the supernatural.


Lament by Maggie Stiefvater

As a teenager constantly on the search for new original books, I was smiling the moment I noticed that “Shiver” (which I found to be a bit lacking in the plot department) was not “Stiefvater’s” only novel.

Skimming through the general synapse, it did not seem that wonderful, but I decided to give it a read anyways.

Diedre–the main character– is instantly likable, I was immediately drawn-in from the first page with the nice touches of music lurking in the seems from time to time mixing in with the fairie aura.

Then Luke comes into the picture, too often the male characters in teen romance books are too frustrating to say the least, but Luke simply adds to the plot, guiding Diedre as she slowly realizes the world around her is changing.

Among the pages of “Lament”, I was amazed to find none of those dull filler chapters which leave my eyes skimming through the sentences hoping for the plot to pick-up again. The entire book was nearly impossible to put down until the last page had been read.

[Rating:4/5], and a guarantee that I will read the sequel as soon as I can find a copy.

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