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I absolutely LOVE story time!

For me…reading out loud is easy. But for my husband? Not so much. He is more of the “read to yourself” type. You ask him to read/speak/perform in public and he is going to do the world’s best impression of Mr. Freeze. Because of this I’m always looking for great story time opportunities that don’t force my husband to step outside of his comfort zone. I am (after all) a lover, not a fighter. (Ha! Sorry…that was really hard for me to say with a straight face.) Anyways, last week while web-surfing I happened to stumble across this:


Storyline Online is a program hosted by the Screen Actors Guild in which they pair up some of Hollywood’s most prestigious actors/actresses with classic children’s literature for Storytime via Youtube! (so that anxious parents like my husband can hide in a dark corner while someone else shares the love of reading.) I digress…below I have posted just a few of the videos (+book info) that can be found on their Youtube channel. So grab your kiddo. Sit back & watch the professionals do what they do best. TELL STORIES! And remember…reading is contagious. Pass it on!



Me and My Cat

A “Freaky Friday “for younger kids — and with an extra twist
Late one night Nicholas sees a witch enter his bedroom and hears her say some magic words. Then the witch leaves without even saying goodbye. When he wakes up the next morning, it doesn’t take him long to realize something very strange is going on – especially when he pulls at his whiskers and watches himself go off to school. Whiskers? How confusing! That nasty witch cast the old switcheroo spell on him, and Nicholas has swapped bodies with his cat, Leonardo. Needless to say, quite an unusual day is in store for both Nicholas-inside-Leonardo and Leonardo-inside-Nicholas, and Satoshi Kitamura catalogues their misadventures in fantastically funny pictures.



Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

Mr. Hatch leads a lonely life until one Valentine’s Day when the postman delivers a huge, heart-shaped box of candy with a card reading “Somebody loves you.” Knowing he has a secret admirer gives Mr. Hatch a bright new perspective on life — until it turns out there’s been a terrible mistake. But Mr. Hatch’s new friends rally to show him that a lot of somebodies love Mr. Hatch.



Harry The Dirty Dog

There’s never been another dog as delightful-or dirty-as Harry.

This lovable white dog with black spots (or black dog with white spots) has charmed children for fifty years, and we are celebrating with an anniversary edition. This childhood favorite is perfect for reading aloud before going to bed or avoiding a bath.



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