Trendy Digital Waterproof Case Review & Giveaway

An Overview From Trendy Digital

Our popular waterproof case for previous versions of Kindle eReader has been totally revamped with new generation waterproof material. The softer, tougher material has higher degree abrasion resistant property. It has superior physical strength and elasticity. It will not harden over time, enhanced with higher mechanical performance.  It is low temperature resistance, breathable and odorless. It is more environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

The WaterGuardTM  Waterproof Case guards against any wet environment that Kindle Fire might be exposed to. It is a perfect companion when you bring your Kindle for beach reading. It provides great protection when you get stuck in a rainstorm or accidentally drop you bag in a wet surface. When using the WaterGuard case, the Kindle can be slipped directly into the WaterGuard pocket and the transparent surface provides easy interaction with the keyboard and navigation buttons.

The Stats

* Designed specifically for Amazon Kindle Fire.
* You can operate the keyboard and navigation button of your Kindle right through the case.
* New generation waterproof material with superior physical strength and elasticity
* WaterGuard protects against water, dust, dirt, sand and frost
* Ultra light weight
 – 2.8 ounces

My Thoughts

While it’s not as lightweight as the iOttie waterproof case AND is a little harder to operate your kindle through.  This boast some pretty serious features which make it worth its while. 1.  It has an adapter for your earphones! Want to listen to your Fire at the pool but are a little afraid of splashes ruining your baby? No problem.  This case has you covered with it’s nifty built in earbud jack! Don’t plan on bringing your backpack or purse with you to the beach but don’t feel like carrying 70 things in your hands either? No problem! This case has a strap.  Also impressive? It has a system of 3 (yes I said THREE) different locks (or closures) that the outside elements will have to trudge through before it can get to your Kindle.  It’s a little difficult to get your Fire in (or out) at first, but once it’s used a few times that should be a non-issue. My biggest issue? It’s not all that eye pleasing, but I guess beggars can’t always be choosers. Overall? Cheap, well made option for outside/beach/pool/boat use!


Want A Closer Look?

I put this puppy to the test! As in a WATER TEST!

The Contest!


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  1. I get very nervous for you every time you do water test. Thanks for being the brave one for all of us!

    1. You and me both! Although…I have to admit I wasn’t as scared for this one as I was for the iOttie one.

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